March Meeting

Quilts ‘N Force Evening
March 13, Wednesday … 6:30 pm
Calling all quilters who like to piece, to baste, to quilt & to bind!
We will have it all and you will earn REWARDS to boot!
“‘Tis more blessed to give than to receive.” I believe it, do you? It makes
me feel good, doesn’t it make you happy to give?
Each group is asked to bring their sewing machines, iron & ironing
surface, and cutting tools. If you are not with a group, ask the Quilts ‘n Force committee which group needs help and you can join them, but please bring your own cutting tools & machine if you wish to sew. Every group will provide their own sewing machine/s.
The Quilts ‘n Force committee will have kits and a pattern available for you to piece a top or you may bring your own kit/s to sew. The committee will also have batting available for your project. All kits will have backing fabric in the kit and binding, too. If you still have one of our kits from last year, please bring it to finish or turn it in for someone else to finish and then you may take another kit to work on. We love to receive finished quilts too!!!
We will be providing 49 kits to Alice Redondo to give to her church to give to the kids going to visit their parent in one of the prisons. Laurie Maas’ group will be doing an equal amount, also, for Alice and her committee. So let’s get busy and Slice, Stitch, and Seal!
You may take kits home to work on, if you promise to return them within a few weeks or sooner.

Febuary Program

Marty Ornish

We will finally get to hear
Marty Ornish, who lives and
works in San Diego. She
has been sewing art
quilts, costumes and
wearable art for many decades. Her interests include Steampunk, Boho,
Gypsy, Festivalwear, and what she calls Really-Wearable-Art for women
and men who want a unique look made in a sustainable way. Garments are
typically made from upcycled and repurposed materials with an emphasis
on antique textiles.

“Tattered Splendor: Ruined Quilt Couture” is a lecture and slide presentation of my recent series of couture gowns and wearable art garments constructed out of ruined, beyond repair vintage quilts and other vintage linens and lace. I discuss the ethics of repurposing ruined vintage textiles, sourcing such textiles, and my inspiration for this series.
Design decisions are discussed, as well as cleaning and stabilization techniques used on these fragile textiles. The “Tattered Splendor” garments were prominently featured in a special exhibit at the 2017 International Quilt Festival in Houston. One of these gowns was awarded Best of Show and Viewers’ Choice at the Pacific International Quilt
Festival, while another piece also won Best of Show at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.

January program

Leah Zieber is a quilt historian and quilt maker from
Temecula, CA specializing in Antique Reproduction Quilts from the nineteenth century. Her reproduction quilts have been exhibited across the country and most recently published in Stars: A Study of 19th Century Star Quilts and In War Time: A Study of Civil War Era Quilts 1850-1865.

Leah has worked closely with several Southern California collectors
cataloging, managing and independently researching their textile
collections. Her own collection of antique quilts and related textile items
spans one hundred and eighty years and she shares her knowledge of
American quilt history using her collection in lectures and workshops.

Tiny Treasures
Antique Children’s

Her talk on January 9 is an antique quilts trunk show on children’s and doll
quilts. Step into the secret world of children and their dolls. Through antique and vintage quilts, trade advertising and images you will learn the important role children held in the American household and the significance their tiny treasures still hold today.

Holiday Pot Luck

Let’s Get Our Party On!!!
We will have wonderful food, delicious desserts and maybe you could win one
(or more) of the fabulous raffle items! The silent auction will run exactly
as it has all these many years. Bring your items, and set them up on the
tables around the room. Remember to take home anything that is not lovingly
purchased by someone else in the guild. If you wish to donate a quilt for auction,
please let me know ahead of time, and bring it to the meeting. All proceeds
benefit the guild and our ongoing efforts to share this craft with our community.
Let’s make some memories!

Silent Auction
While pulling out Christmas presents bought all year long, we also come
across items we had to have and have never used. Notions we couldn’t live
without, fabric bundles we knew would make a wonderful quilt, items we were
gifted, but had two of already. Gently used items could go from not-yet-trash
to someone else’s treasure! Bring them all to the Silent Auction! All proceeds go
to the guild.

October Meeting

Are you ready for the holidays, yet? Crush time is upon us. Join your friends
at SVQG in celebrating this festive, busy time of the year with our own mini
quilt show of holiday quilts. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas,
New Years. Yes, you were warned that we will be having a Serious Discussion. That will
take a limited (by the clock) time at the beginning of the meeting along with the
usual business. THEN we will get up, move around as you choose, and


1) help arrange the Brown Bag Challenge blocks into quilt top(s)

2) look at the holiday quilts hanging all around the room

3) watch a demo about making a cathedral window quilt and receive
instructions for starting your own Cathedral.


Show & Tell will follow so we can see the quilts you bring that don’t fit on the racks.
We really love Show & Tell. The more the merrier. This is your chance to share
quilts and wall hangings we might not have ever seen. If you get there early,
you won’t even have to get up on stage, your quilts can be pinned to sheets on
quilt stands.

August Meeting


Nancy Ota will bring us her program on Japanese textiles – how different
textiles from Japan are made as well as her quilts and garments using vintage
cottons and silks. Nancy lives in San Clemente and has
been quilting, teaching and designing patterns since 1988. Her quilts have
been juried into many shows; her patterns are sold worldwide. She uses a
wide variety of styles, techniques and materials. She credits her many
talented friends and teachers for support and ideas.
Our guild enjoyed her presentation andworkshop several years ago. We look
forward to hearing what is new.

June 2018 Meeting Featuring Heidi Stagno

Heidi Stagno learned to love and appreciate
quilting from her Grandma Leota while
growing up in Pocatello, Idaho. Today, Heidi lives with
her husband John and her 6-year-old
twin daughters. She is a professional
longarm quilter and teaches longarm
In answer to the question “How do I quilt
my top?” she would answer, “Look into
the quilt and it will tell you.” While she
has not experienced a quilt that will
actually talk to her, Heidi does
investigate the piecing, the fabric, and
the scale of design, the style or theme.
The answer is very simple “opposites
attract.” If the quilt has busy fabric or
lots of piecing, go simple. If the quilt is
plain and simple, dress it up with fancy
Learn more about Heidi on her blog:

May 2018 Meeting Reveal Time

Come to the May Guild meeting and be prepared to be impressed as you
will view some lovely, completed Round Robin Quilts.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few of these quilts evolve and, WOW, they are

We have 19 members who participated in the Round Robin
activity and I want to say ‘Thank you!’ The rest of our members will get to
enjoy your hard work!! Participants, remember to bring your
finished project to share.

Thanks, Laurie

Garden Party

Simi Valley Quilt Guild is hosting the 2018 Garden Party

April 21st

10 AM- 4 PM

Located at 1642 Rambling Road Simi Valley CA

Admission $15


There will be a boutique full of wonderful handmade items, made by the Simi Valley Quilt Guild, a 50/50 drawing, and a plant sale.


In addition there will be lunch served at noon, and a Live Quilt Auction at 1 PM.

Auction Quilt


Remember to wear flat shoes and a hat….there will be a prize for the best decorated hat!

April 2018 Meeting- Quilt University

Quilter Sharon Mountford

The Simi Valley Quilt Guild has three major things going on during our April 2018 meeting.

  1.  We will be saying goodbye and a huge thank you to our past board, and welcome in our new board of directors.
  2. We will be turning in our 3rd round for the round robin, and picking out our last round.
  3. Quilt University!  Time to learn from some of our favorite teachers…..Guild Members!


There will also be updates on the Garden Party that will take place later this month!