Helpful Hints

A Quilter is:
Someone who assiduously clips coupons and hunts for bargains at the supermarket, but buys untold yards of fabric, regardless of price.
Someone who pays to have the ironing done, but thinks nothing of standing for hours pressing twenty yards of fabric for a quilt.
Someone who sees life through the eye of a needle, and that is a very special thing.
Someone who is bored silly hearing about other people’s dumb hobbies, such as sky-diving, motor cycling or stamp collecting, but constantly fascinates everyone she comes in contact with by sharing her quilts and quilting experiences.
Someone who has not been able to balance her check book since March 1979,but can figure the yardage requirements for a Log Cabin Quilt and have just enough left over for a pin cushion.
Someone who enjoys sewing a quilt, but hides the mending until the garments are either outgrown or out of style.
Someone who cannot see cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, dust balls under the bed or a sink full of dirty dishes, but can thread a size 10 needle in the dark.

Machine Quilting –  rubberized shelf liner – cut into 6 or 7 inch squares and use in lieu of gloves to help hold your quilt as you machine quilt.  Your arms, hands, and shoulders won’t get so tired.  Just keep them in a drawer near your sewing machine so you can reach in and grab them when needed.

Needles are made by a stamping process. This causes the eye to be a bit “larger” on one side. So, turn that needle around and the thread will go through easier.

When doing needle turn applique, spray a little adhesive glue into a small container and use a q-tip to apply to the fabric as you are turning it under and you will not have to worry about pinning the fabric.

Sew your label into the seam that sews on the binding. This way, there are only two sides to hand sew and it is more difficult for the label to be removed. Also, put your initials on the seam allowance of the binding.

Buy a ‘guitar pick’ and use it on the finger under the quilt to stop from getting pricked.

When clipping threads or ripping out seams, have a piece of batting to put the clippings on and they won’t stick to your fingers.