Next Meeting

The July meeting is game night. We will be playing “left, right, center.” Bring 15 width-of-fabric 2-1/2” wide strips as your “playing money.” Please bring good quality cotton fabrics in Spring colors and/or white on white. Variety is good.





All other Guild Meetings 

MEETINGS ARE HELD: 2nd Wednesday of the month
WHERE: Simi Valley Senior Center,
3900 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA.
WHEN: Doors open 7:00 pm; Meeting begins 7:15 pm.
GUESTS: A $5 fee is charged for guest attendees.
Please remember to silence all phones. Thank You.



















Please bring your finished project to this month’s meeting,

A reminder…the basic parameters are:

* Using the wrapping paper you chose, make a design based on it
reflecting the color, the design, the season or occasion it represents.

* The overall size is not to exceed a circumference of 45”. It can be
oblong, square, from a wall hanging to a table topper,

* It must have a TOUCH of orange, no bigger than 5”, nor less than an 1”.

I hope you had fun. I am looking forward to seeing them all. Thanks for
participating !!!

Annie Walton