Next Meeting

Everything you ever wanted to learn about thread.

Shawnee Miller – Quilt Maker, Quilt Historian and
thread educator will describe threads we see
every day and how to sew any thread in any
machine. She will bring lots of beautiful machine
embroidery samples using home and long-arm
machines. She is a member of the American
Quilt Study Group, and a Superior Thread





All other Guild Meetings 

MEETINGS ARE HELD: 2nd Wednesday of the month
WHERE: Simi Valley Senior Center,
3900 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA.
WHEN: Doors open 7:00 pm; Meeting begins 7:15 pm.
GUESTS: A $5 fee is charged for guest attendees.
Please remember to silence all phones. Thank You.



















Please bring your finished project to this month’s meeting,

A reminder…the basic parameters are:

* Using the wrapping paper you chose, make a design based on it
reflecting the color, the design, the season or occasion it represents.

* The overall size is not to exceed a circumference of 45”. It can be
oblong, square, from a wall hanging to a table topper,

* It must have a TOUCH of orange, no bigger than 5”, nor less than an 1”.

I hope you had fun. I am looking forward to seeing them all. Thanks for
participating !!!

Annie Walton