Quilt Show 2016

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Our biennial Quilt Show, held on September 17-18, was a great success, artistically and financially. We would like to share the winning quilts as selected by Viewers’ Choice ballots.

Best in Show: Phyllis Jones for Due North

best-of-showYouth Quilts…Honorable Mention: Alex Longmore (10), My First Quiltalex-longmoreYouth Quilts…Honorable Mention: Meliyah Jones (4), My First Quilt and Mini-Pumpkinmeliyah-jones-copy“I’d like to have that quilt” 1st place: Kathy McCalla, Jack’s Lightning Boltkathy-mccalla-copy“I’d like to have that quilt” 2nd place: Lynn Welborn, Sisters Reversiblewellborn-sisters-copy“I’d like to have that quilt” 3rd place:Dawn Daymude, Southwest Cactusdaymude-copy“All that marvelous Appliqué” 1st place: Sharon Lee Harmon, Baltimore Halloweenbaltimore-halloween-copy“All that marvelous Appliqué” 2nd place: Anne Sidell, Bertie’s Yearberties-year-copy“All that marvelous Appliqué” 3rd place: Marcie Chin, Dream Treemarcie-chin-copy

“Yes! Color” 1st place: Anne Sidell, Adventures in Technicolorsidell-copy“Yes! Color 2nd place: Victoria Peabody, The Postcardvictoria-peabody-copy“Yes! Color” 3rd place: Beth Bastian, Peacock Surprisepeacock-copy“Wish I could do that” 1st place: Chris McDonald, Cumuluscumulus-copy“Wish I could do that” 2nd place: Kathi Vanderluit, My Best Chinamy-best-china-copy“Wish I could do that” 3rd place: Sharon Lee Harman, Baltimore Halloweenbaltimore-halloween-copy“Way too much fun” 1st place: Kathi Vanderluit, Summer Funvanderluitsum“Way too much fun” 2nd place: Gil Melgoza’s group quilt, Disney Winter Wonderlandgil-melgoza-copy“Way too much fun” 3rd place: Mary Widder, The Wonder of Disneymary-widder-copy