Are you ready for the holidays, yet? Crush time is upon us. Join your friends
at SVQG in celebrating this festive, busy time of the year with our own mini
quilt show of holiday quilts. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas,
New Years. Yes, you were warned that we will be having a Serious Discussion. That will
take a limited (by the clock) time at the beginning of the meeting along with the
usual business. THEN we will get up, move around as you choose, and


1) help arrange the Brown Bag Challenge blocks into quilt top(s)

2) look at the holiday quilts hanging all around the room

3) watch a demo about making a cathedral window quilt and receive
instructions for starting your own Cathedral.


Show & Tell will follow so we can see the quilts you bring that don’t fit on the racks.
We really love Show & Tell. The more the merrier. This is your chance to share
quilts and wall hangings we might not have ever seen. If you get there early,
you won’t even have to get up on stage, your quilts can be pinned to sheets on
quilt stands.