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November Meeting- Linda Ballard

As an avid sewer all her life, Linda has taken her
skills from dressmaking to creating and teaching wonderful traditional quilt patterns using today’s faster techniques and tools. She believes there’s always something for everyone when it comes to quilting, and that quilters have a strong bond unlike anything else. Linda was a quilt shop owner in Redding, closing the shop after six years and pursuing teaching throughout the world both on land and sea. Linda is known for self-publishing her patterns and for her quilting retreats. She has been featured in a variety of quilting magazines over the years with her quilts, her patterns, and as ‘ad’ quilts for a specific line of fabrics. She’s also had the privilege of being on Simply Quilts for two different seasons. Linda writes about her talk: “People ask me ‘what do I look for when I’m writing a new quilt pattern’? ‘How do I know what components to make’? ‘Can I make it easier than what my eye sees’? This program will show you how I look at quilts, what I can do to simplify the construction, and what techniques can I share with my quilters. The audience is encouraged to participate throughout the program while I’m sharing quilts both on-screen and in person. When you see what I have to share, you’ll see why people think some of my quilts are hard when in fact they’re pretty darn easy. Come prepared to
Discover the Possibilities!”