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Christmas Potluck

Holiday Party
For those who are new to us this year, each December we celebrate with friends old and new. We get together for a pot-luck dinner with the alphabet
dividing us into food groups. A round white tablecloth will be provided for
each table. Typically, small social groups (also known as mini-groups) will
decorate their table for fine dining and provide a centerpiece to be raffled off to
some lucky winner. Some examples of centerpieces that have been donated in the past:
Wine baskets, sewing baskets, cooking making, Movie / Game night, entire
quilts, Christmas trees with handmade ornaments, Fabric & gift certificates,
Spa packages, Italian Night, etc. Barbara Jones is making/donating a
a centerpiece for those currently not participating in a social group. If you
wish to contact her for information or to be included, please find her number
and email in our roster. What to remember:
We begin at 6:30
Your pot-luck dish
Non-perishable food to be donated to

Care & Share
Toys, clothing, toiletries, etc. to be
donated to local charities
We accept Credit Cards, Checks, Cash