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February 2020 Meeting

February Meeting

February 12
Arlene Arnold
The Journey –Kentucky to California 1864
In 1864, Lucretia Epperson, Arlene’s great, great grand-mother embarked on
a journey of a lifetime with her husband and son to California in their covered
wagon. Hear excerpts from Lucretia’s diary while seeing quilts made from
1820 to 1870 which illustrates her words. Arlene’s first exposure to showing her
antique quilts was a Civil War reenactment held in her hometown of
Colusa. She did a bed turning of 30 quilts for 900 school children the first
day and the following two days were spent showing the quilts to the pubic
along with watching the battles fought not 50 feet from her tent!
Arlene is the owner of Heritage Oaks Quilts in Colusa and specializes in antique and heritage quilts. She lectures on antique quilts and has developed
patterns based on them, so it’s sure to be a fascinating evening.