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Feburary 2023 Meeting

Who would have guessed that a professional from
television would discover her life-long passion in quilting
and go on to create a new career, own a quilt shop and design a line of
best selling patterns?
It’s no surprise that Linda and Carl love color and
love creating colorful contemporary fabric designs
and patterns! With over 22 years experience as a
professional designers and quiltmakers, Linda and
Carl are intensely passionate about bold bright
colors, midcentury modern art and contemporary
pattern design. Always searching for a twist on the
traditional, their fabric designs and quilt patterns are
well known for their modern look, spontaneous
movement and fearless use of color.
Today, they reside in Palm Springs, California and
enjoy collaborating together in their design company,
Colourwerx designing fabric, quilt patterns and
traveling across the country to share their love of
color, quilting and contemporary design.