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Simi valley quilt guild

What we do?

The Simi Valley Quilt Group is a groupg of talented quilters of all skill level, who come together to improve their skills and promote the love of quilting.

Quilts in force

In the last 20 years, Simi Valley Quilt Guild has donates 1000’s of quilts to those in need

Quilt CHallenges

Every year there is a Quilt Challenge or Round Robin to flex your creative mind

Mini Groups

Find the right Mini-Group for you.  Each group has a different groove.  Some meet every week, while others meet once a month

Block Exchanges

Join Us

With covid all meetings will be held via Zoom or held in a local park

Have you ever wanted to hang out with quilt obsessed people? We did too!

Each meeting has it’s own flavor.  Sometimes we get to meet amazing Quilt Speakers who specialized in one aspect of quilting.  Some speakers teach new tips and tricks. 

Other meetings, we get together for challenge/round robin reveal, sewing for local charities or having an amazing holiday party.

Regarless of the theme of the meeting, you get to hang out with other people who share your passion of quilting.



Hear great speakers

Show and Tell

Quilts in force

Quilt skill builders

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