Marty Ornish

We will finally get to hear
Marty Ornish, who lives and
works in San Diego. She
has been sewing art
quilts, costumes and
wearable art for many decades. Her interests include Steampunk, Boho,
Gypsy, Festivalwear, and what she calls Really-Wearable-Art for women
and men who want a unique look made in a sustainable way. Garments are
typically made from upcycled and repurposed materials with an emphasis
on antique textiles.

“Tattered Splendor: Ruined Quilt Couture” is a lecture and slide presentation of my recent series of couture gowns and wearable art garments constructed out of ruined, beyond repair vintage quilts and other vintage linens and lace. I discuss the ethics of repurposing ruined vintage textiles, sourcing such textiles, and my inspiration for this series.
Design decisions are discussed, as well as cleaning and stabilization techniques used on these fragile textiles. The “Tattered Splendor” garments were prominently featured in a special exhibit at the 2017 International Quilt Festival in Houston. One of these gowns was awarded Best of Show and Viewers’ Choice at the Pacific International Quilt
Festival, while another piece also won Best of Show at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.